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Types of High Quality Flame Proof Motors


Flameproof motors are used in hostile and hazardous environments where it is prone to various implications like fire, short-circuit and more. Industrial areas and manufacturing plants widely use flameproof motors. We are a renowned flame proof motor manufacturing company where we offer a wide range of flameproof motors for all types of industry. Our flame proof motor ranges from the standard 3PH TEFC to electric motors suitable for every industrial purpose and with our services, we have managed to reach out to the masses.

In the power transmission industry, we are a trusted name. We look after all our client’s requirement and customer satisfaction is what we crave for. We never compromise with the quality of the product we provide and if you are in need of a high-quality flame proof motor which can serve your industrial purpose, our organization is happy to help you.

We only manufacture premium quality products and you can choose from a wide range of flameproof motors that will live up to the industry standards. Over the years, our services have only gained popularity and we have managed to pile up a huge list of clientele. Herein are the basics of flameproof motors we offer.

We manufacture flameproof motors on the basis of different classes;

Class I –

The flameproof motors are those motors which are approved to be used in Class I locations. The Class I location refers to the locations where it is filled with ignitable vapors, explosives, and gasses. The Class I locations are the foreseeable parts of the manufacturing process and thus, the flameproof motors we offer for Class I locations are capable of containing the explosion within its unit without rupturing.

Class II –

In the locations where the considered materials wreck chaos due to the ruptured container, then this is distinguished as Class II location. In these types of locations, the environment is composed of dust which may form explosive mixtures. In Class II locations, the flameproof motor used is dust proof. For example, in case of flour industry; wheat flour is considered as a hazardous mixture or dust due to its capability to catch fire. If the reaction gets serious, it may lead to a heavy explosion and the wheat flour industry can turn into dust. Thus, it is necessary to classify your location before availing a flameproof motor because there are explosive gases, liquids and vapors nearby which can cause some serious destruction.

Class III –

The Class III locations are those locations where the whole environment is exposed to combustible components like ignitable fibers. Thus, using a flameproof motor according to the area specification is very necessary. Choosing a flameproof motor for Class III locations can be a bit tricky because the materials of the Class III locations are not airborne. They tend to settle down at a rapid speed because they heft. However, not being airborne makes them heavier materials and doesn’t impact on them being highly flammable. Thus, in the case; if even a small ignitable component is brought closer to electrical equipment, it will surely create a hazardous situation. The Class III locations include industries engaged with cocoa fiber, rayon, Spanish moss, sawdust, jute, hemp and more.

Types of Flame Proof Motors we offer:

Low Voltage Flame Proof Motors

The low voltage flame proof motors we offer are suitable for small industries where energy requirement is lower as compared to other industries. All your low voltage flam proof motors are certified according to the IECEx system and are crafted according to the ATEX directive standards. The low voltage flameproof motors we offer are designed to resist any kind of internal explosion caused due to pressure. They are designed in such a manner that it can easily prevent the propagation of explosion or flame and are powerful enough to contain within the container.

High Voltage Flame Proof Motors

The high voltage flameproof motors we manufacture are certified by IIC and IIB for gas groups and it can easily withstand an internal explosion caused by pressure. It is perfect for industries that use high voltage equipment and machineries. These high voltage flameproof motors can be used in one of the toughest conditions.