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The Cooling Tower Demands Different Operational Requirements From A Gearbox, Santram Engineers Being Into The Power Transmission Industry For More Than 3 Decades , Understands And Has Grown Upon To Provide As The Demand.

Be It For Operating Large Diameter Axial Fans , The De-icing – Reverse Processing , High Temperatures On Operation , Or A Very Humid Environment – Santram Provides The Solution With The Best Quality Cooling Tower Gearbox.

Cooling Tower Gearbox Product Specifications :

  • Case Hardened And Lapped Steel Spiral Bevel Gearboxes Are Provided For Torque Transmission Between The Right Angle Shaft.
  • Our Cooling Tower Gearboxes Have A Unicast Case, Three-Point Foundation With Pump Less Lubrication, Which Is Unique In Design
  • It Has A Combination Of Labyrinth Double Oil Seal Arrangement At Fan End With Double Oil Seal At Motor End.
  • Taper/Cylindrical/Spherical Roller Baerings Are Used.
  • The Standard Direction Of Rotation Is “Clockwise” At Both The Input/Output Shafts When Viewed Onto Respective Shaft End.

Drive Shafts

The Torque Transmission Required To Rotate The Fan ( Of Cooling Tower ) ,The Connecting Link Between The Input Shaft Of Gearbox And The Electric Motor Is Provided By The Drive Shafts.

Helps Achieve Optimal Performance.

Cost Effective – The Foot Patterns Of Gear Housing Are Identical – Support Of Tower Gear Drive And The Fan Pitch Adjustments Unnecessary.

Warranty Terms

The Cooling Tower Gearboxes Provided By Santram Engineers Have A Guaranty Of 12 Months After The Installation Against Any Defect In Material Or Workmanship When Operated Under The Appropriate Conditions .

Rotational Direction

Clockwise Rotation Of Both Shafts – Under Normal Conditions .

Occasionally The Counterclockwise Rotation Of Both The Shafts Is Permitted.

If The Primary Rotational Direction Requirement Is Counterclockwise / Shaft Need To Rotation In Opposite Directions – Provided Upon Order.

Output Shaft

Cylindrical Output Shaft / Tapered Output Shaft

Applications :

  • Cooling Towers
  • Heat Exchangers

Industry :

  • Cement
  • Paper
  • Solvent Extraction
  • Sugar
  • Steel
  • Power Plants